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Eagle Guide to Touch Components for Mobile Devices

This document outlines how to make your UE Application able to receive inputs from mobile devices. In order to achieve your mobile configuration, it will require modifications to both your Control Panel Config and Unreal Engine (UE) Project.

Control Panel Config

In order to receive touch commands on Mobile devices, enable ‘fakeMouseWithTouches’ in your Config from your Control Panel.

These steps outlined below:

  1. Sign in to your Control Panel (Eagle 3D Streaming | Control Panel).

  2. Go to the ‘CONFIG SELECTION’ and select your targeted config through the dropdown menu.

  3. After the config is selected, click ‘Edit’.

  4. When the config dialog box pops up, select ‘Mouse’.

  5. Click on ‘fakeMouseWithTouches’ so that there is a checkmark inside the checkmark box (shown below).

  6. Click ‘Save’ and close Config dialog box.

Image 1. Control Panel: Fake Mouse With Touches

Unreal Engine (UE) Project

Unreal Project Setup

This Guide shows how to setup project for Mobile and Desktop Devices both while using Eagle Pixel Streaming.

Creating Cursor UMG

  1. Create Widget Blurprint

  2. Add to the Canvas with small size as a cursor (example 20×20)

  3. Set the image Alpha to Zero.

  4. This will act as invisible Cursor and it will be hidden behind the Browser Cursor during Pixel Streaming.

Image 2. Creating Cursor UMG: Creating Cursor

5. Go to

Project Settings ->Engine->User Interface. Set the created Cursor Widget under Software cursors.

6. Go to

Project Settings ->Plugins->PixelStreaming . Set Pisel Streamer Default Cursor Class Name to DefaultCursor

Image 3. Creating Cursor UMG: Set Pisel Streamer Default Cursor

7. In Level Blueprint (or as per project), set the Show Mouse Cursor in Player Controller to TRUE.

Image 4. Creating Cursor UMG: Player Controller to TRUE

Touch Interface Setup (Optional)

This section is optional and only required if you would like to enable joystick controls within your application for mobile devices

  1. Create TouchInterface (or Copy from the Engine).

  2. In TouchInterface, set

Actice Opacity = 0.8
Inactive Opacity = 0
This will hide the Interface while used on PC and make visible on Mobile devices.

Image 5. Touch Interface Setup: Setup
  1. Go to

ProjectSettings->Engine->Inputs. Set the created Interface under Default Touch Interface.

  1. Set Always Show Touch Interface to True (Checked).

Image 6. Touch Interface Setup: Default Touch Interface

Setting Inputs

Go to Project Settings-> Inputs, set as shown in following image.

Image 7. Touch Interface Setup: set as shown

Everything done!
Proceed to packaging and deployment on Eagle Control Panel.

You an get the source code of the stuff showed in tutorial from this doc:

Eagle 3D Streaming