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0. Create Eagle 3D Streaming User Account

How to Create An Eagle 3D Streaming User Accoun

Step-by-Step Video Instructions



This video outlines the process for creating an Eagle 3D Streaming User Account.  Through this account, you will be able to upload and publish your favorite Unreal Engine applications. 


Step-by-Step Written Instructions

To create an account follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Eagle 3D Streaming User Account sign-in page: https://controlpanel.eagle3dstreaming.com/

  2. Create an account by entering in your email and password, and click “Sign up”.

Image 1. Create an account: Sign up

3. After you create your account, you will be emailed a verification code.

Image 2. Create an account: Verification code


4. Go to your email inbox and click the verification link (check Spam folder if you do not see the verification email).


Image 3. Create an account: Verification email


5. Clicking the verification link will redirect you to Eagle 3D Streaming’s login page, noting that your email is now verified.

Image 4. Create an account: Redirect you to Eagle 3D Streaming’s login page

6. Next you will be prompted to enter in your username. Please keep in mind usernames are case sensitive and cannot contain special characters, dashes, spaces or underscores. Only letters and numbers may be used in your username. After you have entered your username click save:

Image 5. Create an account: Data entry and saving

7. After you have created your username, you will now have access to your control panel, congratulations! You may access your control panel at any time by going to this link and signing in: https://controlpanel.eagle3dstreaming.com/

After your account is created, Eagle 3D provides a free 7 day trial for one concurrent user for your new account. So, you can begin streaming right away .

Image 6. Create an account: Control Panel

Every new account receives a free 7 day trial with one concurrent user (CCU). At the end of your trial you can swap over to a paid account if you wish by contacting support@eagle3dstreaming.com.

8. Now you are ready to begin streaming! Sign in to your control panel, upload your first app, create your streaming config and begin streaming today!

Important links:

Sign in to your control panel: https://controlpanel.eagle3dstreaming.com/

How to upload any Unreal Application for Streaming: https://eagle3dstreaming.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/docs/pages/1638401

How to create an Eagle 3D Streaming Config: https://eagle3dstreaming.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/docs/pages/5111809



I have received a ‘No Subscription info found’ message, why is that?

Image 7. Create an account: No Subscription info found

If you receive a ‘No Subscription info found’ message then that means that your account is not activated.


To resolve, send an email to support@eagle3dstreaming.com with your username (case sensitive) and email and we will activate the account:

  • Email address associated with account:

  • Username (case sensitive):

After we activate your account we will send you a follow up email that you are good to go.



  • If you do not remember your Username, provide us your email address and we can look it up.

  • If you do not remember your email address, create a new account here: https://controlpanel.eagle3dstreaming.com/signup

  • If you accidentally made your username your email or password provide us your email address and we will delete the account


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