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Set Up Configuration for Eagle 3D Streaming Platform


What is a config ?

This is what you use to manage your finished application with the Eagle 3D Streaming platform. Streaming settings are stored in a configuration, that can be used across multiple applications.

Preparing to execute instructions

Before starting the first step, make sure you have:

  1. To complete this guide, your working environment must meet all the requirements above. If you have not completed any of the points, follow the link to the appropriate instruction and complete it first.

Step 1. Create Config

You don't have to create a new config for every new application. If you already have a Config that suits your new application just select it.

1.1 Click the Add button in a CONFIG section (image 1). In the opened window enter any name for your new Config, then click the Ok button (image 2).

Please note, spaces are not allowed in the config name.

Image 1: Step 1. Create Config: Add Config
Image 2: Step 1. Create Config: Config Name


If invalid characters are entered in the name of your config, you will see an error when you try to run the application (image 3). Delete this config (image 4) and create a new one with the correct name.

Image 3: Step 1. Create Config: Play App Error
Image 4: Step 1. Create Config: Delete Config



Step 2. Edit Config

2.1 Click the Edit button in a CONFIG section (image 5) to open config settings.

Image 5: Step 2. Edit Config: Open to Edit

Tab: Streaming

Image 6: Step 2. Edit Config: Streaming

URL Expiry Date

Here you can set the URL expiration date.

Tab: Session

Session Duration(Minutes)

Set the session duration for each running application. This means that after specifying the number of minutes, the application will be stopped and the user will have to restart the application again if he needs to.

Tab: UI

Image 7: Step 2. Edit Config: UI: Enable Screenshot

Enable Screenshot

If you check this checkbox it will allow users to take a screenshot using the Application Settings Panel.

You can enable or disable this feature in the Control Panel.

Show Ps Quality Control

The Eagle 3D Streaming Pixel Stream Control Kit provides additional control and performance for your streams. Eagle 3D Streaming has updated the Pixel Streaming plugin to one of the latest versions of WebRTC and has exposed parameters that allow you to control your streams.

Find more in the How to Use the Pixel Stream Control Kit tutorial.

Tab: Developer Options

CMD Line Parameters To Pass to App

This feature allows you to pass a set of parameters to the application (if provided by the application).

Ability to receive logs in the browser console or send logs to your email.

Image 8: Step 2. Edit Config: Developer Options Tab

Tab: Sound

Image 9: Step 2. Edit Config: Sound Tab

Audio options

It is possible to set the name of the VoIP room.

Audio Quality Control

It is possible to change the audio track format.

Tab: Video

Image 10: Step 2. Edit Config: Video Tab

Should Auto Play

Control how the app will launch: automatically or when the user clicks the Play button.


Ability to change video screen resolution.

Tab: Mouse

Control real and gaming mouse behavior (image 11).

Image 11: Step 2. Edit Config: Mouse Tab

Fake mouse with touches

The application will display a fake mouse.

Show browser mouse

The application will display a real mouse.

Mouse Control Scheme

Ability to disable and enable the mouse in the application.

Tab: Keyboard

It is possible to set the advanced typing option (image 12).

Image 12: Step 2. Edit Config: Keyboard Tab

Tab: Customizations

Through the Eagle 3D Streaming Platform, you can customize your background, logo, loading, and play buttons (image 12) for a white-label experience!

Image 13: Step 2. Edit Config: Customizations Tab

Upload 2D Assets

Upload 2D assets (logo, icons, and backgrounds) further to assign them to application screens (image 13).

Make sure there are no spaces in the name of the uploaded files.

  • Larger files (>1Mb) can take a few minutes to load.

  • Must be a .png unless it’s loading an image, then it can be a .gif.

  • LOGO size should be 800×400 pixels or less.

  • LOADING gif should be 600×200 pixels or less.

  • PLAY button should be 400×400 pixels or less.

  • BACKGROUND image should be a 128×128 square of solid color.

Image 14: Step 2. Edit Config: Customizations Tab: Assets

Customize Loading Screen Details

Customize the loading screen that is shown before launching the application. Set icon for browser tab, screen background, logo (image 15), and Play button (image 16).

Image 15: Step 2. Edit Config: Customizations Tab: Loading Screen Assets
Image 16: Step 2. Edit Config: Customizations Tab: Play Button

Customize Queue Screen Details

Set the background for the queue screen (image 17).

Image 17: Step 2. Edit Config: Customizations Tab: Queue Screen

Tab: Loading Screen

If the video is not displayed or does not work, then you need to convert it via https://convertio.co/mp4-converter/

The video feature should play while the app is loading. Once the app download is complete, you have the option to skip the rest of the video to access the app. The video is intended to demonstrate the visual effects while the app is loading.

Image 18: Step 2. Edit Config: Loading Screen

Video Assets

Upload and set a video to play before launching the app (image 19).

Image 19: Step 2. Edit Config. Loading Screen: Video


Step 3. Save Config

3.1 Click the Save button after editing the application configuration file (image 20).

Image 20: Step 3. Save Config: Save

3.2 (optional) You can click the Broadcast button to share the config settings for all running applications (image 21).

Image 21: Step 3. Save Config: Broadcast

3.3 Close the config file settings by clicking on the Cross button or any part of the page outside the popup (image 22).

Image 22: Step 3. Save Config: Close


Step 4. Play Application

4.1 Select the application from the list of apps in the APP section to launch (image 23).

Image 23: Step 4. Play Application: App List

4.2 Select a config file from the list of configs in the CONFIG section for this app (image 24).

Image 24: Step 4. Play Application: Config List

4.3 Click the Play App button in the GENERATE URLS section to start the game. The game will open in a new tab (image 25).

You can also Copy the App URL or iframe Script to embed or share on your site.

Image 25: Step 4. Play Application: Run App


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