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1. Download 7Zip Application and install it- Download (

  1. Unreal unreal engine :this

    This plug-in works with Unreal engine GitHub version as well as epic luncher verison of unreal engine .



  1. is compatible with both the GitHub version and the Epic Launcher version of Unreal Engine.

    However, enabling "do dedicated server build" may cause packaging to fail if you are not using the GitHub version. Preparing the GitHub version of Unreal Engine is an extremely lengthy process, which also requires a powerful machine with ample space. If you need to build a dedicated server and want to avoid the hassle of building the GitHub version of Unreal, you can use our prebuilt Unreal Engine, which is capable of packaging dedicated servers too . You can download it from the Utilities section of the control panel:"

Get the plug-in :

You can get the plug-in from epic games market place :


Now open your project. If you are using blueprint only project, it will ask you to compile the new plugin that you added, click okay and it will start the compiling process and will automatically open your project after a minute or so.

How to Enable Plugin:

When the project is opened make sure the plugin is enabled by going to plugins and searching “E3dsAutomationTools