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E3DSAutomation Plugin to Package and Upload your application to eagle system in one single click

This plugin works with all Unreal Engine Versions.


1. Download 7Zip Application and install it- Download (7-zip.org)

  1. unreal engine :

    This plug-in is compatible with both the GitHub version and the Epic Launcher version of Unreal Engine.

    However, enabling "do dedicated server build" may cause packaging to fail if you are not using the GitHub version. Preparing the GitHub version of Unreal Engine is an extremely lengthy process, which also requires a powerful machine with ample space. If you need to build a dedicated server and want to avoid the hassle of building the GitHub version of Unreal, you can use our prebuilt Unreal Engine, which is capable of packaging dedicated servers too . You can download it from the Utilities section of the control panel: https://controlpanel.eagle3dstreaming.com"



Get the plug-in :

You can get the plug-in from epic games market place :



However latest version with bug fixes can be found
from the Bitbucket repository using the following Link:
Eagle3DStreaming / e3dsautomationtools — Bitbucket
Clone this repository, directly to your project/Plugins Folder. If you don’t have a plugin folder by default, make a new folder called “Plugins”. after cloning a folder will be created as “e3dsautomationtools”.


It is advised to keep folder name in the Plugins Folder Same as the repository folder name “e3dsautomationtools


Note: If you have a C++ project, Generate Visual Studio files from your .uproject file, open the solution file and re-compile your project to make sure the plugin is added.


Now open your project. If you are using blueprint only project, it will ask you to compile the new plugin that you added, click okay and it will start the compiling process and will automatically open your project after a minute or so.



How to Enable Plugin:

When the project is opened make sure the plugin is enabled by going to plugins and searching “E3dsAutomationTools



Once the plugin is enabled go the Project settings>Plugins>E3DS Automation Tools Settings



The following is the data required in this settings pages:

Executable Path: It is the path of the el_am.exe file which can be Downloaded from:

Save it somewhere.



Now click on … dots as marked by red arrow in above figure and browse and select el_am.exe you just downloaded.

Engine Folder Path: It is the path of the “Engine” folder of your Unreal Engine in which you open your project. It will automatically be added when you open the project with this plugin.

Engine Exe Path: It is the path of the Unreal Engine’s executable file.

UProject Path: It is the path of the project that you have opened this plugin with (Current Project that is opened).



Path to 7Zip: It is the path to your 7Zip executable file. It can be found in “C:\Program Files\7-Zip” or the path where you installed it. Make sure to add “7z.exe” file.


API key: Put your API key from your E3DS control panel account. Go to
Api Keys (eagle3dstreaming.com) with your Eagle 3D Streaming account logged in. If you do not have an Eagle 3D Streaming account, create one today. It’s free!



E3DSStreaming App Name: Put the name of your application with which you want to upload your application such as MyApp1, MyApp2 etc.



Packaging Mode: Select Development or Shipping build based on your need.


Packaging folder: In this choose the path where you want to store the packaged version of your application on your computer.



E3DS Dedicated Server App Name: If you choose to do the Dedicated Server Build, put the name of the dedicated server app that you want to upload in the E3DS Control Panel.

Testing URL: This is URL that will be opened when you have uploaded the application. You can put your application name at the end of it.


Now that all settings are done, whenever you are ready to package your project and upload, go to windows tab and at the bottom click on “E3DS-Push To Cloud”.



It will automatically start the packaging and uploading to control panel with the App name that you gave in the project settings.



When the Upload is complete it will show a message like:



In the Control Panel, you can see your application uploaded with the name.


If you upload your application with the same name again it will increase the version number of the application.


Need help? Contact Support

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Submit a new request at E3DS support portal or send an Email at support@eagle3dstreaming.com.

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