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Package your Project from Unreal Engine

Learn to Package your Project from UE.


Make sure you have (respectively):


Step 1. Package the Project for Windows

In your Unreal Engine Editor, go to :

File > Package Project > Windows (64 - bit)


Image 1. Package Project : Windows (64-bit)

See how to select a Build Configuration for your project ( i.e. Development or Shipping Build)

Step 2. Create a folder on your computer to store Packaged Projects

In this document, we named our folder : Packages.

We also saved Packages in the Desktop. (You get to choose where to save it).

1. Click Select Folder

By selecting the Folder ‘'Packages’', UE creates a folder WindowsNoEditor (called by default) inside Packages where it stores the Packaged content.

Image 2. Create a folder Packages : Click Select Folder

2. Packaging the Project for Windows

The packaging procedure starts.

3. Click ‘Show Output Log to see Logs


Step 3. Open the folder ‘'Packages’' then “WindowsNoEditor”

Step 4. Open the exe file to check that it is working as a desktop App



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