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Upgrade to a Paid Plan from your Control Panel

Learn to make your first Payment from the new Automated Payment System.

If there are any questions or issues about the new Payment system, Contact us here.



Step 1. Sign In to your Control Panel

Login with your information

Step 2. Migrate to a Paid Plan

Click ‘'Upgrade Now’'


Your Trial Period is over?

Migrate to a Paid account to continue Streaming your Apps on our Platform.

Click ‘'Upgrade Now’' to get a ‘'Pay Per minute’' or a ‘'Pay Per CCU’' Plan instantly.


image-20240213-142436 (1).png
Image 1. New Control Panel Interface : Migrate to a paid Account :Click Upgrade Now

Step 3. Choose your Pricing Plan



image-20240213-174720 (1).png
Image 2. New Control Panel Interface : Upgrade Now : Our Pricing Plans

1. Use the feature ‘'Back’' or ‘'I’ll Choose Later'' to go back to the main Page



2. If you Select Pay Per minute



3. Enter your Payment details for the PPM Plan in the right space

Click Save Card after entering your information.


4. If you Select Pay Per CCU



5. Add your Payment details for the PPCCU Plan

Click ‘'Subscribe’' to proceed with the Payment.


6. Once the Payment is secured, it will notify you

Click ‘'Home’' or wait 5 seconds until you are redirected to the Homepage.





Now you are ready to make your first Payment online from the New Control Panel !

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